…it’s an epic, or even mythic, adventure set around 2000 years ago and across a series of islands in the South Pacific.

The lead character, Moana Waialiki is the only daughter of a Chief in a long line of navigators. She’s really a bit of nerd, but a nerd about sea voyaging, and when her family need her help, she sets off on an epic journey. Some of the other characters are demi-gods and spirits drawn from real mythology.

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My personal take on Disney’s next princess; Moana. I’m super excited to see what they do with their polynesian princess, though I doubt tattoos will be involved ( sadly). Looking forward to some official concept art being released in the next year or so. <3


this is my 12 year old cousin’s take on moana and i luv it

Hey there Moana fans, it’s the little birdie from inside the mouse house. I wish I could be sneaking some more pictures to you guys, but I’ve left the project. It was a blast to work on, and production is still full steam, but I’m absolutely loving my job on Wrinkle in Time, one of our newer projects.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be sending you guys this message if I didn’t have news…

It isn’t much, but you should start hearing Moana news within the next year… especially at a certain convention. If I were you, I’d start looking at tickets for D23 2015… ;)

Keep the magic going! It really helps everyone here at the studio. 

Good luck!

- The guy inside the Mouse House

Thank you for the submission! Us Moana fans are very excited to hear any news about the film even if it’s just a little bit =) Mark your calenders everyone for D23 ;) And have fun working on “Wrinkle in Time”, I’m sure it’ll be fun and the storyline sounds exciting!


Some days ago, while I was on a train, I saw a girl with this outfit (but she had the shoes, obv XD). However I loved that outfit so much that I’ve decided to draw it and I’ve choose the main character of the upcoming disney movie Moana.

Hope you like it!!


Princess Moana (2014)
Photoshop CS6


I tried to do fanart of Moana, a Disney film that should be coming out 2018…

*edit: Okay, I just found out the title has been changed to Spirited…buuut we still have 4 years so it could change again!*

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WIP of Disney’s Moana! Going to be colouring it and doing some new lineart digitally! =)


WIP of Disney’s Moana! Going to be colouring it and doing some new lineart digitally! =)


Trying to find a balance of realism/cartoon in faces. #sketchbook #doodle #disney #princess #frozen #rapunzel #moana #elsa